We use digital to put citizens at the center of democracy

We work to relocate power from politicians to citizens by promoting and protecting Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms on the digital age

Web Foundation backs the open web in Senegal

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Today, we joined ASUTIC Senegal and other digital rights organisations to call for the Government of Senegal to amend a bill that undermines net neutrality and threatens access to web apps.

Article 27 of the Bill on the Code of Electronic Communications, still to be voted on by the National Assembly, includes a paragraph of that reads:

“The regulatory authority may authorize or impose any traffic management measure that it deems useful to preserve competition in the electronic communications sector and ensure fair treatment similar services."

About Us

Senegalese Association of ICT Users (ASUTIC) is a non-profit, independent and apolitical association. We promote and protect Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms on the digital age. In addition to this goal, ASUTIC is mobilized for a strong and dynamic Senegalese democracy through transparency, accountability of policy makers and citizen participation, based on gender equality.

Political independence

ASUTIC members aren't apolitical. They are from all of diverse political organizations. They can express freely their political opinion in order to generate the appropriate insights to ensure that policy works well. So, people who hold positions of popular representation have a duty to their citizens, and not to other particular interests.

However, ASUTIC do not affiliate with any political party or movement. In order to assure our complete independence, ASUTIC does not receive financing from political parties, or any organization that has political interests.

Transparency towards Senegalese citizens and the partners being at the heart of its approach, the accounts of ASUTIC are held at the disposal of all the people who wish to have access to it upon request. ASUTIC commitment is held in the citizenship, in the deepening of Senegalese democracy.

The goals we work for



Promote Transparency that favors the establishment of a culture of access to public information and the use of open data.



Promote Accountability to develop better, larger mechanisms that privilege the collective interest over the individual.

Citizen Participation

citizen participation

Strengthen Citizen Participation to promote effective collective action for a  deliberative democracy.

Main activities


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We work to promote and influence policies that lead to the strengthening of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Policies that expand the right of access to public information for transparency; to encourage citizen participation; and increase a larger and better accountability of policies makers in Senegal.


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We understand that we are part of a community and the key to a successful change in the community is a shared desire to collaborate. So, we connect citizens, civil society and government to promote an objective and non-ideological approach to solve them collectively our political, economic and social issues.

Civic Tech

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We develop web and mobile applications intended to  ensure that people of Senegal have access to the information that they need to lead their lives in a democracy by enhancing citizen communications and public decision. Applications that enable citizens engagement and participation.

Current project

ASUTIC Current project

Contact us

Address: 7,­ Boulevard Dial Diop, en face Obelisque, Immeuble Médoune Mbengue, 2eme Etage à gauche Dakar Sénégal

Phone­: 33 897 79 22

Email: infos@asutic.org